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Definition: AFP

(1) (Apple Filing Protocol) The standard file sharing protocol used in the Mac. Starting with Mac OS X, AFP uses TCP/IP as the primary communications protocol. It also supports certain features in Apple's earlier AppleTalk implementation. Originally called AppleTalk Filing Protocol and prior to the global implementation of TCP/IP, communications with Apple networks required translation into the AFP language. See file sharing protocol and AppleTalk.

(2) (Advanced Function Presentation) A page description language from IBM introduced in 1984 initially as Advanced Function Printing. It was first developed for mainframes and then brought down to minis and workstations. AFP is implemented on the various platforms by Print Services Facility (PSF) software, which generates the native IBM printer language, IPDS, and depending on the version, PostScript and LaserJet PCL as well. IBM calls AFP a "printer architecture" rather than a page description language.