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Definition: Apache

(1) A very popular open source, Unix-based Web server from the Apache Software Foundation (www.apache.org). There are versions for all popular Unix flavors, as well as Windows, and it is considered the most widely used HTTP server on the Internet. Developed by a large group of volunteers, Apache was originally based on Version 1.3 of the HTTPd (HTTP daemon) server from the National Center for Supercomputing Applications (NCSA). First released in 1995, its name was coined after the Native American Apache tribe for their legendary endurance. Because there were many "patch" files added to the original body of code, "a patchy server" was also coined as a pun on the name.

The Apache Web server is only one of many products of the Apache Software Foundation, which manages ongoing projects in every aspect of open source computing. See Web server.

(2) A PowerPC CPU from IBM optimized for commercial processing.