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Definition: Project Kuiper

A satellite-based Internet service from Amazon. The name comes from the Kuiper belt, an icy region outside the orbit of Neptune that was named after planetary scientist Gerard Kuiper. Announced in 2019, Amazon obtained FCC approval for 3,326 low-earth orbit (LEO) satellites that will cover the earth. Although the first prototypes are scheduled for late 2022, in late 2021, Amazon requested approval for an additional 4,538 satellites.

Kuiper and Amazon Synergy
It is expected that once Project Kuiper is running, Amazon will create transmission routes from its AWS cloud computing datacenters directly to Kuiper customers through its satellites. The technology would allow AWS, already the largest cloud computing service, to reach the entire globe.

In addition, Amazon's Prime Video streaming service would become available to everyone on earth. Amazon shopping is also a possibility for integration, providing there are sufficient delivery services available in remote regions. Then again, Amazon drones might fulfill that requirement. Stay tuned! See Amazon Web Services and satellite Internet.