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Definition: ActiveWorks

An application integration system originally from Active Software, Inc. that runs on Solaris, HP/UX, Windows and IRIX. ActiveWorks was introduced in 1995 and provided robust message brokering and business process middleware for large enterprises. The broker supported publish and subscribe messaging as well as multiple instances of the broker in a distributed environment. Visual programming of each integration process was featured, and more than 50 database and application environments were supported, including mainframes, the major ERP products, leading Web servers and other messaging brokers.

In 2000, Virginia-based webMethods, Inc. acquired Active Software, and ActiveWorks was folded into the flagship webMethods Integration Platform, focusing on bringing J2EE, .NET and legacy systems together. In 2007, webMethods was acquired by Software AG, a German-based business software company.

In the Middle!
The ActiveWorks system, incorporated into webMethods' Integration Platform, sits between a wide range of applications in the enterprise and brokers messages between them and adds processing where required. (Image courtesy of webMethods, Inc.)