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Definition: Abilene

The most advanced IP backbone network for Internet2. Peering with other high-performance research networks in the U.S. and internationally, Abilene supports the development of applications such as virtual laboratories, digital libraries, distance education and tele-immersion.

Abilene is a partnership of Internet2, Qwest Communications, Cisco Systems, Nortel Networks, Juniper Networks and Indiana University. It uses an OC-192c (10 Gbps) optical transport and advanced high-performance routers. Regional nodes are called "GigaPOPs," which serve as data entry and switching points to all members. The first GigaPOP was deployed in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina in late 1997. For more information, visit http://abilene.internet2.edu. See Internet2 and tele-immersion.

The Abilene Network
Starting out much like the original Internet, Abilene is composed of high-speed trunks across the United States. (Image courtesy of Internet2.)