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Definition: Alice

(1) For the electric airplane, see electric aviation.

(2) (ALICE) (Artificial LInguistic Computer Entity) A chatbot designed by Dr. Richard Wallace. It is an open source program written in Java that can be modified using AIML (AI Markup Language). ALICE was first written in SETL and released in 1995. See AIML and SETL.

(3) An open source, object-oriented development environment from Carnegie Mellon University for building 3D animations, games and virtual worlds. Running under Windows, Mac and Linux, it is based on Java and is programmed by dragging and dropping predefined functions into a work area. Designed to teach fundamental concepts to novices, such as the relationship between programming statements and objects, Alice is supported by textbooks, tutorials, lessons and tests. For more information, visit www.alice.org.

Developing in Alice
Alice was designed to make it easy to learn object-oriented programming principles. All program creation is graphics based and programming statements are dragged and dropped in place.