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Definition: deepfake

(DEEP learning FAKE) Creating a phony video that looks real. With the increasing advancements in computer performance and techniques, face swap software superimposes a face onto the face of someone else in a video. The result is that anybody can be made to look like they love or hate anything. The video can be produced entirely by using actors, whose faces are replaced with a celebrity such as a movie star, politician or news anchor, and it appears very real to the casual viewer. See face swap and FaceApp.

Serious Future Implications
As deepfake video techniques improve, there are ominous implications for the future. Videos are highly persuasive when they "supposedly" come from prominent people. Although computer analysis can likely determine a fake video even as they get more realistic, that detection is after the fact and after the damage is done. See fake news, fake website and fake fans.

Find Out If Your Video Is Fake
To upload a video and find out if it was manipulated, go to the Reality Defender website (www.rd2020.org). See Content Credentials.

Fake a Video Yourself
OpenFaceSwap is a Windows-based deepfake application for superimposing a face onto a video, but it can take days of processing. This is the user interface for selecting files and activating functions. For more information, visit www.deepfakes.club.