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Definition: 802.3

An IEEE standard for a CSMA/CD local area network access method, which is used in Ethernet, the most common LAN technology. Following are the major Ethernet standards. See Ethernet, 10Base-T, 100Base-T, Gigabit Ethernet and CSMA/CD.

 IEEE      Speed
 Standard  (Mbps)   Common Name

 802.3i       10    Ethernet

 802.3u      100    Fast Ethernet

 802.3z     1000    GigE over Fiber

 802.3ab    1000    GigE over Copper

 802.3ae   10000    10 Gig over Fiber

 802.3bm   40000    40 Gig over Fiber
 802.3bm  100000    100 Gig over Fiber

 802.3bp    1000    GigE for sensors

 802.3bs  200000    200 Gig over Fiber
 802.3bs  400000    400 Gig over Fiber

 802.3bv    1000    GigE over Fiber