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Definition: 6K resolution

Approximately 6,000 (6K) pixels of horizontal resolution. Although 4K TVs have become mainstream, it remains to be seen whether a 6K TV will be forthcoming to bridge the gap between 4K and 8K, the latter prohibitively expensive as of 2022. However, RED has a 6K video camera, and other cameras are expected.

   High-Definition Resolutions

   2K    1920x1080 (see DTV)

   4K    3840x2160 (see 4K TV)

   5K    5120x2880 (see 5K monitor)

   6K    6144x3160

   8K    7680x4320 (see 8K TV)

The RED WEAPON 6K Camera
Introduced in 2015, this second-generation 6K camera from RED shoots 6144x3160 frames at 75 fps. (Image courtesy of RED.COM, INC., www.red.com)