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Definition: 5G radiation

As of 2019, there is limited 5G cellular availability, but carriers are planning nationwide coverage as soon as they can build out the required infrastructure. By 2023, coverage is expected to be ubiquitous in the U.S. China is also racing to be the first country to have nationwide 5G access. In addition, satellite-based Internet services are planning to deploy 5G frequencies (see satellite Internet).

High Frequencies May Be Very Harmful
Ever since AM and FM radio was followed by TV and satellite transmission, the massive quantity of electromagnetic radiation that passes through our bodies every day has been a source of concern. What makes 5G different are its higher frequencies; much higher in fact than 4G LTE or Wi-Fi. Hardly any studies have been done on the effects of 5G on humans, and many people are extremely concerned that we are heading toward a health calamity. Time will tell. See electromagnetic hypersensitivity, 5G frequency bands and millimeter wave.

People Are Concerned
Over the course of seven days at the end of August 2019, this 5G summit was hosted online with more than 30 speakers. Topics included "dangers to chilren's health," "biological effects of 5G," "clear evidence of cancer" and "why telecoms have no plans to test the health effects of 5G."