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Definition: mini-phone connector

Also called a 3.5 mm or 1/8" connector, it is a plug and socket widely used for analog audio signals in portable devices. For example, the headphone jack on iPods, tablets and portable DVD players is a mini-phone socket.

2.5 mm Sub-Mini Phone
The smaller "sub-mini connector" with a thinner shank (2.5 mm - 3/32") has been used on cellphones and other compact devices. See phone connector, RCA connector, A/V ports, Lightning to 3.5 mm adapter and plugs and sockets.

You Can Tell By the Plug
Plugs with two divisions (TS) are monaural, while three divisions (TRS) are stereo. Headset plugs have a fourth line (TRRS) for the microphone. Smartphones accept both three-wire cables for headphones and four-wire cables for headsets. See tip and ring.