Let me help you learn the field

Hello. I'm Alan Freedman, and I've been writing the Encyclopedia for more than 40 years. My goal is to explain every important high-tech concept and product in an understandable manner. This is always a work in progress.

What makes this reference different is that more than four decades ago, I taught computer concepts to thousands of people. As a result, I learned how to use consistent terminology. In addition, my writing style improves every year, and I'm constantly revising for clarity as well as technical updates. With 30,000 definitions, there is plenty to revise.

Nevertheless, the plan is to keep going until I start dribbling on my keyboard, and somebody leads me away saying "good boy, it's time to retire now."

Please email me at alan@computerlanguage.com or fill out our contact form if you find any definition confusing. I'll try to clarify it.