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Definition: Web 3.0

(1) A type of cryptocurrency wallet, see Web3 wallet.

(2) The latest evolution of the Web, which has changed from its original meaning.

Today's Web 3.0 - The Crypto Universe
In the late 2010s, the Web 3.0 moniker evolved to mean blockchain networks and decentralized finance (DeFi). Bitcoin and Ethereum are the stars that gave birth to everything. See crypto glossary, blockchain, DeFi, Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Years Ago It Was the Semantic Web
Web 3.0 was originally envisioned as the Semantic Web, in which all data were identified in a knowledge base with their relationships. Today, Google's definitions and answers to questions at the top of its search results is getting closer to the Semantic Web. The ultimate goal is a meaningful interconnected hierarchy of all the data in the world. Perhaps in the next century. See Semantic Web and Web 2.0.