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Setting up a fraudulent website that contains copies of pages from a legitimate website in order to capture confidential information from users. By hacking into DNS servers and changing IP addresses (see DNS hijacking), users are automatically redirected to the bogus site, at least for some period of time until the DNS records can be restored.

For example, if a bank's DNS were changed, users could be redirected to a website that looks familiar. The bogus site could just collect usernames and passwords, or it could allow access to the site and, using some pretense, request financial information. Unlike phishing schemes that use email to make people go to the phony site, pharming is more natural. Users are going to the site on their own and are certainly not suspicious because the pages look familiar. See phishing and DNS hijacking.

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PGPphase change
PGRPphase change cooler
PgUp/PgDn keysphase change cooling
PhaaSphase change disc
phabletphase change disk
phage virusphase change drive
phalletphase change memory
phantom callphase change printer
phantom linesphase change RAM
phantom pagephase change recording

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