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T-1 test case track ball
T-2 test data track density
T-3 test scenario track pitch
T-4 test script TrackBack
T-9 test suite trackball
T-byte test vector tracker
T-cal testing tracking
T-carrier testing types tracking cookie
T-coil tests TrackPad
T-DMB tether TrackPoint
T-Flash tethered trackstick
T interface tethering TrackWrite
T-Mobile G1 tetrode tractor feed
T-Rex Texas Instruments trade shows
T-span texel trademarks
T&L text Tradigital
T+0 text analyzer traffic
T+1 text balloon traffic aggregator
T+3 text based traffic analyzer
T+5 text box traffic anomaly
T.120 text chat traffic contract
T.121 text code traffic engineering
T.122 text data mining traffic engineering methods
T.123 text destination address traffic management
T.124 text e-mail traffic policing
T.125 text editing traffic pumping
T.126 text editor traffic shaping
T.127 text entry traffic surge protection
T.128 text entry box TrafficLight
T.130 text field trailer
T.131 text file trailer label
T.132 text link train
T.133 text management train printer
T.2 text message training
T.30 text message shorthand TRAM
T.37 text messaging Transact
T.38 text messaging address transaction
T.4 text messaging code transaction environment
T.6 text messaging vs. instant messaging transaction file
T.RES text mining transaction monitor
T.share text mode transaction processing
T.TUD text prediction transaction tracking system
T1 text rage transactional software
T1/E1 text shorthand TransactionMinder
T1 font text-speak transceiver
T1 network text-to-speech transcode
T1/PRI TEXT.OUT transcompiler
T2 textalyzer transcribe
T3 texter transducer
T4 texting transfer
T9 texting codes transfer protocol
TA texting phone numbers transfer rate
tab texting thumb transfer time
tab-based browser TEXTML TransferJet
tab-based browsing textrage TransFlash
tab character texture map transflective
tab delimited texture mapping transflective LCD
tab key texture memory transformation
tab stop TF card transformer
tabbed browser TFLOPS transient
tabbed browsing TFS transient area
tabbing TFT transient data
table TFT display transient state
table lookup TFT LCD transister
table view TFT screen transistor
tablet TFTP transistor concept
tablet communications TGA transistor transistor logic
tablet computer Thackara's laws transition
tablet convertible The 3 C's transitive dependency
tablet cursor The Bat transitive trust
tablet features The Computer Glossary translate
tablet hardware/software control The Computer Museum translating bridge
tablet laptop The Grid translation layer
Tablet Mode The Long Tail TransLISP PLUS
tablet notebook The New iPad translucency
Tablet PC the next big thing translucent
tablet pen The Open Group Transmeta
tablet phone The Rail transmission
tablet-phone compatibility The Web transmission channel
tablet vendor control theater in a box transmission control protocol
tablet wireless modes theatrical release transmission control unit
tabletPC theft prevention transmission multiplexor
tabtop theft protection tags transmission speed
tabular data theft recovery transmissive
tabulate theftie transmissive art
tabulating equipment thematic map transmissive LCD
tabulating machine theme transmit
tabulator theme aware transmit beam forming
TACACS theme-based search transmit beamforming
TACS Theora transmitter
TAD theory transmogrify
tag thermal calibration transparency
tag-based language thermal compound transparency adapter
tag RAM thermal dye printer transparent
tag singulation thermal dye transfer transparent bitmap
tag sort thermal grease transparent bridge
tag switching thermal paste transparent cache
tagged text thermal printer transparent computing
tagged tweet thermal recalibration transparent GIF
Tailgate thermal runaway transparent LAN
Taligent thermal sensor transparent LAN service
talk-off thermal transfer transparent media
Talking Trojan thermal wax transfer printer transparent media adapter
TalOS thermoplastic transparent network
Tamino thermoset transpile
tamper THF transpiler
Tandem thick client transponder
tandem bypass thick Ethernet transport
tandem office thick film transport layer
tandem processors ThickNet Transport Layer Security
tandem switch ThickWire Transport Level Interface
tandem/toll office thiefware transport protocol
tandem/toll switch thimble printer transport services
Tandy thin client transportable storage
Tango thin client computing Transportation Control System
Tango 2000 thin computing transportation network company
Tanner thin CRT transputer
TANOS thin Ethernet transverse
TANSTAAFL thin film trap
tantalum capacitor thin film deposition trap door
TAO thin film head trapdoor
tap thin pipe trash
tape thin protocol trash can
tape automated bonding thin provisioning trashware
tape automation thin server Travan
tape backup thin TV Travel Bug
tape cartridge thinking machine travel hotspot
tape cassette ThinkPad travel router
tape drive ThinNet traveling hotspot
tape dump ThinWire traversal
tape library third-generation computer tray
tape mark third-generation language tray card
tape out third normal form tray drive
tape transport third party tray load
taped third-party app tree
taped out third-party cookie treeware
tapeless camcorder third-party relay server Trellis-coded modulation
tapeless storage third-party storage trending
Tapestry Thomson Gale trends
TAPI THOR Trenton Computer Festival
tapping Thoroughbred Basic tri-amping
tar thrashing Tri-Core
tarball thread Tri-Gate transistor
TARGA threaded connector Triad
target computer threaded conversation trial software
target device threaded discussion trialware
target directory threaded e-mail triangle
target disk threading triangle setup
Target Disk Mode threadjack triangulate
Target Display Mode threat triangulation
target drive threat and risk assessment trichromatic
target language threat management trichromaticity
target machine threat vector trick banner
Target Mode three degrees of freedom Trident
tariff three dubs trigger
tarpit three-spindle drive trigraph
tarpitting three-state logic element TRIL
task three-tier client/server trilateration
task bar threshold trilevel cell
task management threshold current Trilian
task manager throat tattoo trilinear interpolation
task swapping throbber TRILL
task switched throttle TRILL bridge
task switcher throttled data transfer Trillian
task switching throttled transfer trillion
taskbar throttling Trilogy
tattoo through-hole TRIM support
TAWPI through-silicon via Trimetra
taxel throughput trimode phone case
taxi throwaway domain Trinux
taxicabs thru-hole triode
taxonomy thruput triple core
TB thumb Triple DES
TBD thumb culture triple dub
TBGP thumb disk triple play
Tbit thumb drive triple precision
Tbits/sec thumb keyboard triple SIM
Tbps thumb stick triple twist
TByte ThumbDrive tristimulus
Tbytes/sec thumbitis TRITON
TC thumbnail Triton chipset
TC PAM Thunderbird Trivestiture
Tcal Thunderbolt trn
TCAM Thunderbolt 2 troff
TCAP Thunderbolt 3 Trojan
TCB Thunderbolt Bridge Trojan dropper
TCF Thunderbolt Display Trojan horse
TCG Thunderbolt I/O Trojan SMS
TCI thunk Trojan virus
TCIP thunking troll
Tcl THX trolling
Tcl/Tk thyristor TRON
TCM Thyristor RAM troubleshoot
TCO THz troubleshooting
TCP TI-RPC TRRS connector
TCP handshake TIA/EIA TRS-80
TCP hole punching TIA/EIA-232 TRS connector
TCP/IP abc's TIA/EIA-569 tru2way
TCP/IP filter TIA/EIA-606 Tru64 Unix
TCP/IP filtering TIA/EIA-607 true 120 Hz
TCP/IP handshake TiB true 3D
TCP/IP network TIB/ActiveEnterprise true Android phone
TCP/IP offload engine TIB/ActiveMatrix True BASIC
TCP/IP port TIB/Rendezvous true color
TCP/IP port number TIBCO Rendezvous true Google phone
TCP/IP printer TIC True HD
TCP/IP protocol tick True HDTV
TCP/IP socket tickle true native
TCP/IP stack tickle packet true native app
TCP port tickler true streaming
TCP protocol ticklet True Tone Flash
TCP rate shaping Tier 0 storage True Ultimate Standards Everywhere
TCP splicing Tier 1 True Web Integration
TCPA Tier 1 application TrueDoc
TCPIP Tier 1 database TrueHD
TCPIP abc's Tier 1 ISP TrueImage
TCPIP filter Tier 1 network TrueMotion
TCPIP port Tier 2 network TrueType
TCS Tier 3 network TrueX
TCSEC tiered storage truncate
TCU TIES trunk
TD-LTE TIF trunking
TDD TIF file TruSecure
TDES TIFF/EP trust relationship
TDM environment TIGA trusted computer system
TDM network Tiger trusted computing base
TDM switch tight code Trusted Computing Group
TDM-to-packet conversion tight coupling trusted domain relationship
TDMA tightly coupled trusted PC
TDMS tilde trustee
TDP tile trustmark
TEA tile based truth table
teach box tile-based interface TS
teach pendant TILE-Gx TS connector
Team Developer tile mode TS over IP
Team Enterprise Developer TILE64 TSA lock
teaming NICs tiled interface TSAPI
TeamViewer tiled mode TSAT
tear down Tilera Tseng Labs
tear-off menu TileWorld TSO
teardrop attack Tillamook TSoIP
tearing timbre TSOP
tebi Timbuktu TSR
tebibit time base generator TSS
tebibyte Time Capsule TSTS
tech bros time clock TSV
tech incubator time code TT font
tech neck Time/Date TTCN
tech regions time-division multiplexing TTF file
tech speak Time Machine TTFN
tech support time-of-day clock TTL
tech support person time-of-day server TTLS
Tech Tats time out TTOD
tech tattoo time server TTS
tech writer time share TTT
techanista time sharing TTY
techie Time Sharing Option TTY protocol
TECHINT time shifting TTY relay
TechNet time slice TTY/TDD
technical build time slot TTYL
Technical Office Protocol time stamp TTYS
technical support time synchronization TU
technical writer timeboxing Tualatin
technical writing timecode tube
technician timed out tube amplifier
technique timeout TUI
techno-doping timer interrupt Tukwila
techno-Halachic timeshare tumblelog
techno junkie timesharing tumbler
technodoping timeshifting Tumblr
technofossils timestamp tunable laser
technojunkie timing clock tuner
technological imperative timing signals tungsten
technological singularity tin tunneling
technological transfer tin whiskers tunneling protocol
technologist Tiny BASIC TUO
technology tiny drone TUP
technology gap TinyURL tuple
technology generation TIP Turbo Boost
technology imperative tip and ring Turbo C
technology node tip ring ring sleeve turbo code
technology services tip ring sleeve Turbo Mouse
technology singularity tip sleeve Turbo Pascal
technology stack tipping TurboBoost
technology transfer tipping point TURBOchannel
technophile TIRIS Turing test
technophilia tissue engineering Turion
technophobe Titanium Turion 64
technophobia title bar Turk
technophobic TiVo turker
technophoria Tivoization turking
Technorati Tivoli Enterprise Management turn-by-turn directions
technorealism Tivoli Systems Management Software turn-key
technoscaping Tizen turnaround document
technotarian Tk turnaround time
techspeak TKIP turnkey
TechWeb TLA turnkey system
TeckChek TLAN turnpike effect
TECO TLC turntable
Tectonic TLD turntablism
TED conference TLI Turtle Beach
TEDtalks TLS Turtle Graphics
Teeco TM Forum tutorial
Teen Buzz TM1 tutorials in this publication
Tegra TME Tux
Tegra K1 TMN Tuxedo
TeK tmp file TV
TekChek TMTH TV adapter
telco TN TV app
telco switch TN3270 TV board
Telcordia TNC TV calibration
tele TNT TV calibration disc
tele-education to-do list TV converter box
tele-immersion to the recruiter TV Everywhere
telecine toaster TV HDR
telecity TOC TV history
telecoil TOE TV in a window
telecoil mode TOF TV lines
telecom Together Technologies TV-out port
Telecom Act of 1996 TogetherJ TV over IP
telecom company toggle TV Pack
telecom hotel toggle switch TV projector
telecom network provider token TV recorder
telecomm token bus network TV standards
telecommunications token passing TV tuner
Telecommunications Act of 1996 Token Ring TV tuner board
telecommunications company Token Ring adapter TV types
Telecommunications Industry Association Token Ring connector TV viewing distance
telecommunications network provider token ring network TV white spaces
telecommunity tokenization TVE
telecommute TokenTalk TVI
telecommuter TOLED TVL
telecommuting toll collection tvOS
telecon toll office TVPC
teleconference toll quality audio TVWS
teleconferencing toll switch TWAIN
telecopying toll/tandem office twalking
telecosm toll/tandem switch twam
teledensity Tomato twammer
Teledesic tombstoning tweak
teledildonics Tomcat tweaked
telefax tomography tweening
telegraph toneloc tweeple
telehealth toner tweeps
telemanagement TONS tweet
telemarketing tool tweet seat
telematics tool bar tweeter
telemedicine tool kit Tweetie
telemetry tool palette tweeting
Telenet tool vendor tweetup
telephone toolbar twerm
telephone adapter toolbar extension Twerminology
telephone channel ToolBook Twestival
telephone keypad toolbox twiddle
telephone memory toolchain twiller
telephone switch toolkit Twin Format HD DVD
telephone wiring tools twinax
telephony tools menu twinax card
Telephony API tools vendor twinaxial
telephony modem TOP Twip
telephony server top-down design twishing
Telephony Server NLM top-down programming twisted nematic
Telephony Services API top-level domain twisted pair
telepresence top of file twisted pair cable
telepresence surgery top-tier vendor Twitaholic
teleprinter topdown design Twitch
teleprocessing topdown programming Twitosphere
teleprocessing monitor topics Twitter
telepsychiatry topographic map Twitter client
teleradiology topology Twitter feed
telescene TOPS Twitter revolution
Telescript topsite Twitter spam
teleservices TopText Twitter terminology
telesinny TopTOOLS Twitterati
telesurgery TOPVIEW Twitterer
teleteaching Tor Twitterese
teletex Tor browser Twitterholic
teletext Tor Browsing Bundle Twittering
teletraffic engineering Tor network Twittersphere
teletransport Torito Twitterverse
Teletype torn down twittiquette
teletype interface Tornado two-box solution
teletype mode torrent two display adapters
teletypewriter torture test two-factor authentication
televaulting Torvalds two graphics cards
television TOS two-out-of-five code
telewebber Toshiba Link two-phase authentication
telework TOSLINK two-phase commit
teleworker Tosslink two-socket server
Telex TOTAL two-spindle drive
Teligent total bypass two-step authentication
TeLink total internal reflection two-tier client/server
Telnet TOTP two video cards
Telon touch two-way radio
TELRIC touch device two-wire lines
temp directory touch gloves TWX
temp file Touch ID TX
temp folder touch key TX chipset
TEMPEST touch keyboard TXD
template Touch Pack TXT
template-based application touch pad TXT file
temporal Touch PC TY
temporal compression touch pen Tymnet
temporal key touch screen type
temporal redundancy touch scroll Type 1 connector
temporary directory touch scrolling Type 1 font
temporary file touch-sensitive screen Type 3 font
temporary folder touch stylus Type A connector
temporary font touch tips Type A HDMI
temporary Internet files Touch-Tone Type A USB
ten-foot UI touch typing type-ahead
ten/one hundred Ethernet touch typist type-ahead index
TEOTWAKI Touch Wiz Type B connector
ter touchified Type B USB
tera touchify type ball
Tera-Scale touchkey Type C connector
terabit touchless Type C HDMI
terabyte touchless interaction Type C USB
teraFLOP touchless user interface type casting
teraFLOPS touchpad type checking
TeraScale touchscreen Type D HDMI
Terastor touchscreen gloves type family
term set TouchWiz type font
terminal tower Type II card
terminal adapter tower case Type III card
terminal application Tower of Babel type-in traffic
terminal based TP type scaler
terminal emulation TP monitor type system
terminal emulator TP-PMD typeahead
terminal mode TP0-TP4 typeahead buffer
terminal server TPA typed-in traffic
Terminal Services TPC typeface
terminal session TPC-A typeface family
terminal strip TPC-B typematic
terminal window TPC-C typeover mode
terminate all apps TPC-D typeprint analysis
terminate and stay resident TPC/IP types of hardware
terminate apps TPF types of memory
termination tpi types of software
terminator TPM types of Web sites
terminology tpmC typesetter
terms of service TPMS typesetting language
ternary CAM TPO typewriter
terra TPS typewriter font
terraflops tpsA typewriter keyboard
terrestrial tpsB typing
terrestrial link TQFP typing special characters
terrible naming TQM typo
Tesla TR typo domain
tesselation TR-55 typographer's quotes
tessellation trace typographic
Tesseract Traceroute typography
test TRACERT typosquatting
test automation software track  
test bed track-at-once  
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