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R/2 recovery program RIAA equalization
R/3 recovery time objective ribbon
R-ADSL recruiter information ribbon cable
R-BGAN rectangular pixel rich client
r-card rectifier rich client application
R-pixel recurse subdirectories rich content
R-UIM recursion rich e-mail
R-Value recursive rich formatting
R/W head recursive acronym rich interaction
R-Y recursive DNS rich Internet application
R&D recycle bin rich media
R10000 recycling electronics rich presence
R3000 recycling old computers Rich Site Summary
R4000 red bar rich text
R5000 Red Book rich Web application
R8000 Red Book audio rich Web client
R:BASE 2000 red/cyan glasses rich Windows client
R:BASE System red eye RichLink
RaaS red eye removal Ricochet
RAB red green blue ride-hailing service
RAC red/green glasses ride-sharing service
RACE Red Hat ridehailing service
race condition Red Ring of Death RIFF
RACE encoding redact Rift
racetrack memory redaction rig
RACF redirect server right click
rack redirection right justify
rack mounted redirector right-reading
rack-mounted server redistributable right to be forgotten
rack server redlining rights
rack unit redo Rights Manager
RAD redownload rightsizing
rad hard redraw rigid disk
rad hardened redundancy RIHD
RAD tool redundancy check Rijndael algorithm
radar redundant RIM
RADEON Redwood ring
Radia Reed's law Ring Cam
radiation hardened ReelMagic ring network
radiation sensitivity reengineering RingCam
radio reentrant code ringtone
radio access network refactor Rio
radio buttons refactoring RIP
radio charging refarming ripcording
radio controlled reference design RIPE NCC
radio frequency reference monitor ripper
radio frequency ID referential integrity ripping
radio frequency identification referential transparency RIR
radio frequency interference referrer RISC
radio frequency remote control reflection RISC-based
radio ID reflection mapping RISC-based system
radio ID tags reflective RISC System/6000
radio interface reflective art RISC System/6000 SP
Radio Museum reflective LCD riser card
radio remote control reflective media risk
Radio Shack Reflective Memory risk analysis
radio signal reflective spot risk assessment
radio spectrum reflective VGA risk management
radio wave reflow risk mitigation
radio webcasting reflowable text risk tolerance
radiolocation reformat Rivest-Shamir-Adleman
radiophone refraction RJ
RadioShack refractive index RJ-11
radiosity refresh RJ-14
radiotelephone refresh memory RJ-21
radiotelephony refresh rate RJ-21X
radiovision ReFS RJ-25
RADIUS reg ex RJ-26X
radix reg exp RJ-27X
radix point Regatta RJ-31X
RAFT regen RJ-48
rage regenerator RJ11
ragged right regex RJ14
RAID regexp RJ25
RAID 0 region codes RJ45
RAID 0+1 Regional Internet Registry RJ48
RAID 1+0 register RL
RAID 10 register level compatibility RLE
RAID 3 registered DIMM RLL
RAID 4 registered IP RLL interface
RAID 5 registered memory rlogin
RAID 6 registered port RM
RAID Advisory Board registrant RMA
RAID array registrar rMBP
RAID controller registration Rmdir
RAID parity Registry RMI
RAID0 Registry cleaner RMI/IIOP
RAID1 regression analysis RMI over IIOP
RAID10 regression testing RMON
RAID3 regular expression RMON probe
RAID4 regular SD Card RMS
RAID6 reimaging RNG
rail reinstall RNI
Rails reintermediation RO
Rain Doll algorithm Reiser4 RO terminal
Rainbow ReiserFS road rage
Rainbow Series related files road warrior
Rally relational roadcasting
RAM relational algebra Roadrunner
RAM-based storage relational calculus roaming
RAM cache relational database robbed bit signaling
RAM card relational DBMS robo advisor
RAM chip relational model robo call
RAM cram relational operator robo lawyer
RAM disk relational query RoboCAD
RAM doubler relative address robocall
RAM latency relative link robot
RAM memory relative movement robot car
RAM Mobile relative path robot taxi
RAM module relative reference robotaxi
RAM network relative URL robotic car project
RAM parity relative vector robotic surgery
RAM raid RELAX NG robotics
RAM refresh relay robots exclusion
RAM resident Relay Gold robots.txt
RAM vs. hard disk release Robson
RAMAC release candidate Robson cache
Raman amplifier release to manufacturing Robson flash memory
Rambus reliability robust
Rambus DRAM Reliable HTTP ROC
RAMDAC Reliant Rock Ridge file system
RAMdisk reload Rocket eBook
Ramdrive relocatable code RocketBook
RAMIS relying party ROCOF
ramp load rem it out ROFLMAO
RAN rem'd out Rogeting
random access remailer rogue access point
random access memory remanence rogue antivirus
random file remanufacturing rogue site
random noise remap rogue website
random number generator remapped RoHS
range remarks ROI
range booster remaster ROKSO
range extender remedial maintenance Roku
RangeLAN Remix Roku dongle
ranking remmed out Roku Ready
ransom remote Roku Soundbridge
ransom note typography remote access Roku Stick
ransomware remote access concentrator Roku Streaming Stick
rapid 3D printing remote access router ROLAP
rapid application development remote access server role-based access control
Rapid BIOS Boot Remote Access Service role playing game
rapid manufacturing remote access software roll in/roll out
rapid prototyping remote access tool roll over
rapid sort remote access Trojan rollback
RapidCAD remote backup rollover
RapidIO remote batch ROM
RAPPORT remote boot ROM BIOS
RAR remote bridge ROM BIOS swapping
RARP remote call forwarding ROM card
RAS remote communications ROM emulator
Rasberry Pi remote console ROM upgrade
Raspberry Pi remote control ROMable
Raspberry Pi Zero remote control program roman type
Raspberry Pie remote control software ROMB
raster Remote Data Services roomware
raster display remote deposit capture root
raster graphics Remote Desktop root access
raster image processor Remote Desktop Connection root directory
raster scan Remote Desktop Protocol root domain
raster scan display Remote Desktop Server root folder
rasterize Remote Desktop Services root key
RAT remote drive root kit
rate stretch tool remote echo root level
ratiometric remote emergency boot root mean square
Rational Apex remote host root permissions
Rational Rose Remote Imaging Protocol root server
ravioli code remote invocation root user
raw remote job entry root zone
raw capacity remote new system startup rooted
raw data remote node rooted device
RAW file remote-office router rooting
RAW file format remote procedure call rooting an Android
RAW image format remote resource rootkit
Raw Iron remote sensing ROP
raw socket remote startup Rosetta
raw text remote wake-up RosettaNet
raw video remote wipe Ross ERP
ray tracing RemoteApp rot
RBASE RemoteFX rot13
RBHC remotely piloted aircraft rotary dial
RBL remoting rotating ad
RBOC removable disk rotational delay
RBridge removable drive ROTFL
RC removable media rotoscope
RC algorithms Ren rotoscoping
RC1 Renaissance CS round
RC2 Rename round robin
RC4 render round robin DNS
RC5 renderable text round trip
RC6 rendering round tripping
RCA rendering engine rounding
RCA audio RenderMan interface routable
RCA connector Rendezvous routable Ethernet
RCA jack Renovator routable protocol
RCA phono jack reparse point route dampening
RCA plug repeater route miles
RCA stereo repetitive brain injury route poisoning
RCA stereo audio repetitive strain injury route server
rcard Replace route table
RCD replay attack router
RCDD ReplayTV router cache
RCS Replica router cluster
RD replication router droppings
RD host replicator router firmware
RD server report router OS
RD session host report file router protocol
RDB report format router software
RDBMS report generation router table
RDC report generator router vs. modem
RDDL report program generator router vs. switch
RDF report writer routine
RDF Schema repository routing
RDF serialization reproducer routing bridge
RDF/XML reprographics Routing Information Protocol
RDFa repudiation routing loop
RDFS repurpose routing protocol
RDIF Reputation-based Security routing switch
RDIMM request for price quotation routing table
RDM request for proposal row
RDMA request to send row splitting
RDMA Over IP Requester ROWE
RDMS requirement RP
RDO requirements RP-SMA
RDP requirements management RPC
RDS rerecordable RPG
re-boot resampling RPGLE
re-entrant code Research In Motion RPM
re-entrant programming ResEdit RPN
re-imaging reseller RPO
re-install reseller hosting RPPO
re-intermediation reseller Web hosting RPQ
re-recordable reserved memory RPR
re-skinning reserved word RPSMA
re-tweet reset button RPTV
Reachout resident module RPV
reactionware resident program RR
read resident protection RRAM
read and write iPad flash drive residential gateway RRAS
read channel residual current device RROD
read cycle resiliency RS-170
read error resilient RS-232
read notification resilient packet ring RS-422
read only resistance RAM RS-423
read-only attribute resistive screen RS-449
read-only memory resistor RS-485
read-only rights resistor-transistor logic RS-530
read receipt reskinning RS/6000
read rights resolution RS/6000 SP
read the f***ing manual resolve RS-MMC
read-while-write resolver RS232
read/write resonance charging RS64
read/write channel resource RSA
read/write head resource compiler RSAC
read/write memory resource discovery RSCS
read/write rights resource fork RSDL
reader resource manager rsh
readme file resource overcommit RSI
readout resource record RSIP
ReadyBoost resource requirements RSIP gateway
ReadyDrive response time RSMMC
real address responsibility RSS
Real Audio responsive Web design RSS feed
Real Mode REST RSS reader
Real Mode code restart RSS syndication
Real Mode driver RESTful RSS viewer
real storage RESTful service RSTP
real time restore RSTS/E
real-time audio restore point RSVP
real-time backup restricted function RSX-11
real-time chat results list RT
real-time clock results set RT-11
real-time communications retail store barcodes RT jailbreaking
real-time company Retina Display RT OS
real-time compression Retina HD RT PC
real-time conferencing RETMA RT tablet
real-time credit card processing retrieve rt-VBR
real-time enterprise retro RTC
real-time image retro virus RTC/BIOS fix
real-time information system retrocomputing RTCP
real-time location system retrotech RTE
real-time operating system retrovirus RTF
real-time operation return RTFM
real-time rendering return code RTL
real-time search Return key RTLS
real-time search engine retweet RTM
real-time strategy retweeting RTM version
real-time streaming reusability RTMA
real-time system reusable analog IP RTMP
real-time video reusable IP RTO
real user monitoring REV disk RTOS
Real Video reverse 3:2 pulldown RTP
RealAudio reverse automatic braking RTS
RealD glasses reverse bias RTSP
reality distortion field reverse DNS RTT
reality view reverse DNS lookup RTTI
Realizer reverse engineer RTTTL
RealJukebox reverse link RTU
RealMagic reverse mapping RTUA
RealMedia reverse NDR RTW
RealNetworks reverse Polish notation RU
RealOne reverse print rubber banding
RealPC reverse proxy rubout key
RealPlayer reverse proxy server Ruby
realtime reverse telecine Ruby on Rails
realtime audio reverse video rugbeater key
realtime chat reversible plug rugged drive
realtime clock revision level rugged hard drive
realtime communications Revolution rugged IT
realtime compression rewritable rugged laptop
realtime conferencing rewritable magnetic media rugged PC
realtime credit card processing rewritable optical disc ruggedized disk
realtime image rewritable optical disk ruggedized drive
realtime information system rewritable optical media ruggedized hard drive
realtime operating system REXX ruggedized PC
realtime operation Rezence rule based
realtime rendering RF rule-based expert system
realtime search RF 3D shutter glasses ruler line
realtime system RF base station rules
realtime video RF/ID rules based
RealVideo RF in RUM
RealVNC RF modulation RUMBA
rear camera RF out Rumbaugh
rear-facing camera RF receiver run
rear-projection TV RF remote run around
rear screen-projection TV RF remote control Run As
rear screen TV RF shielding Run as administrator
reasonable test RF shutter glasses run length encoding
REBOL RF stage run length limited
reboot RF weapon run level
Rec. 2020 RFA run loop
Rec. 601 RFC run native
Rec. 709 RFI run-of-network
Rec.2020 RFIC run-of-site
Rec.601 RFID run on top of
Rec.709 RFID-blocking wallet run time
reCAPTCHA RFID card run time engine
receiver RFID inlay run time environment
recipient RFID interrogator run time error
reciprocal link RFID printer run time library
recommendation system RFID reader run time version
recommender system RFID smart label run under
recompile RFID tag runlevel
reconfigurable computing RFP RunRev
reconfigure RFS runt
record RFT runt filtering
record format RG runtime
record head RGB runtime engine
record layout RGB color runtime environment
record locking RGB monitor runtime error
record mark RGB triplet runtime library
record modes RGBA runtime module
record number RGBHV Runtime Revolution
record player RGBW runtime sandbox
recordable CD RGBY runtime version
recordable DVD Rhapsody RUP
records management RHC RVP
recordset RHEL RW
recovery rheostat RWD
recovery console RHIO RWIN
recovery disc RHYTHM RX
recovery disk RIA RXD
recovery image RIAA Ryzen
recovery point objective RIAA curve  
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