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O-R mapping OMR OPEX
O365 on a chip OPI
OA on-board diagnostics OPLC
OAA on demand OPM
OADG on-demand computing OPML
OAI on-demand economy OPO
OAM on-demand movies OPPO
OAM multiplexing on-demand printing OPROM
OAM&P on-demand routing protocol OPS
OASIS on-demand software OPS/OCF
OATH on-demand video OPSEC
OAuth on die Opsware
OAW on-hook opt-in
OBD on-line opt-in e-mail
OBD II on-net opt-out
obfuscate on-screen keyboard Optane
obfuscated on the fly Opteron
obfuscator On the Go Opti-Jack
OBJ file On2 optical amplifier
object On2Movie optical audio
object-based ONA optical bands
object-based audio onboard optical channel
object-based music onboarding optical character recognition
object-based surround sound ONC optical computer
object browser one-chip computer optical cross-connect
object bus one-click ordering optical disc
object code One Drive optical disc library
object computer one-foot desktop optical disk
Object Data Management Group One Laptop Per Child optical disk library
object data model one-off optical drive
object database one-pass color optical fiber
Object Database Management Group one-pass color laser optical fibre
object DBMS one-pass color printer optical Gigabit Ethernet
object language One Plus One optical image stabilization
Object Linking and Embedding one-time password optical isolator
Object Management Architecture one-way hash function optical jack
Object Management Group one-wire optical jukebox
object model OneCare optical keyboard
object module OneDrive optical library
object orientated OneNote optical media
object oriented OnePlus optical mouse
object-oriented analysis OnePlus 2 optical network terminal
object-oriented database OnePlus 3 optical networking
object-oriented DBMS OnePlus 3T optical reader
object-oriented design OnePlus 4 optical recognition
object-oriented graphics OnePlus 5 optical resolution
object-oriented interface OnePlus One optical scanner
object-oriented operating system OnePlus X optical storage
object-oriented programming ones density optical storage library
object-oriented technology onion diagram Optical Storage Technology Association
Object Packager onion router optical switch
object program onion routing optical viewfinder
object references online optical wireless
object-relational database online advertising optical wireless communication
object-relational DBMS online app optical zoom
object-relational mapping online app store optical zoom range
Object Request Broker online app stores optically assisted recording
object signing online application optimizer
object technology online auction optimizing compiler
object technology references online backup Option key
Objective-C online bank option ROM
ObjectPro online banking options
objects online communications options menu
ObjectStore online community Optochip
ObjectStudio online complex processing optoelectronic
ObjectView online content optoelectronics
ObjectVision online counseling optoisolator
ObjectWindows online coupons Opturon
ObjectWorks online courses OPX
obnoxiousware online discussion OQL
Obsydian online e-mail OR
OC online forum OR mapping
OC-1 online gaming Oracle
OC-12 online help Oracle 10g
OC-192 online identity Oracle 11g
OC-3 online industry Oracle 11i
OC-48 online jargon Oracle 12c
OC1 online journal Oracle Browser
OC12 online marketplace Oracle Collaboration Suite
OC192 online music Oracle Content Management SDK
OC3 online music database Oracle Data Query
OC48 online music service Oracle Database
OC://WebConnect online music store Oracle Database 11g
OCC online organizing Oracle Database 12c
occam online payments Oracle Developer Suite
OCE online payments service Oracle Documents
oCERT online pinboard Oracle E-Business Suite
OCF online piracy Oracle Express Server
Ockamy online platform Oracle Files
OCO online postage Oracle Files Online
OCR online resources Oracle Forms
OCR font online selling Oracle Fusion
OCS online seminar Oracle Fusion Middleware
octa-core online service Oracle Internet File System
octal online service provider Oracle listener
octet online shop Oracle Media Server
octet stream online shopping Oracle Parallel Server
octopus cable online stalker Oracle Process Manufacturing
OCU online stamps Oracle Rdb
Oculus online storage Oracle Reports
Oculus Rift online store Oracle Universal Server
Oculus VR online storefront Oracle11i
OCX online therapy Oracle8
ODAPI online to offline Oracle8i
ODBC online transaction processing Oracle9i
ODBCDirect online version Orange Book
ODBM online video orange button
ODBMS OnNow orange RSS icon
ODD OnStar orange tags
odd parity ONT orange XML icon
ODF ontology ORB
ODI Onyx ORB gateway
Odin OO Orbix
ODMA OOA ordenador
ODP OOB bug order form
ODS OOB data order of magnitude
ODSI OOBE ordering upgrades
ODSL oobie ordinal number
ODT OOD ordinateur
OEB OOO organ on a chip
OEBPS OOoFf organ printing
OEL OOOS organic
OEM OOP organic chemistry
OEM font OOPL organic compound
OEM Service Release 2 OOPS organic development
OEO OOSE organic listing
Oersted OOT organic results
OFDM OOXML organic search
OFDMA OP organic search results
off-grid datacenter op amp organic semiconductor
off-hook op code organization
off-line opacity organizer
off-load Opal orientation
off-net OPC orientation agnostic
off-premise extension opcode Origami
off site open origin server
off-site backup open a port original design manufacturer
off-site data protection open architecture original equipment manufacturer
off-site storage Open Automotive Alliance Orkut
off-the-shelf Open Blueprint ORM
offboard Open Cloud Manifesto OROM
offboarding Open Compute orphan
offensive counter-cyber Open Compute Project orphan link
offensive cyberspace operations open computing orthogonal
Office Open CourseWare orthophotograph
Office 10 Open CV OS
Office 11 open data OS 10
Office 12 Open Data-link Interface OS/2
Office 13 Open Database Connectivity OS/2 for Windows
Office 14 Open Desktop OS/2 PM
Office 15 Open Directory Project OS/2 Warp
Office 16 Open Document OS/2 Warp Connect
Office 2000 Open eBook OS/360
Office 2003 open file OS/390
Office 2007 Open Graph OS/400
Office 2010 Open Group OS/8
Office 2013 Open Handset Alliance OS-9
Office 2016 open hardware OS/9000
Office 365 Open ID OS agnostic
Office 7 open interface OS hardening
Office 8 open Internet OS virtualization
Office 9 Open Look OS X
office application Open Market OS X Photos
office application suite Open Messaging Environment OS X Server
office automation Open Mobile Alliance Osborne I
Office document Open Moko OSC
Office file formats open network OSCAR
Office Live Open Network Computing oscillate
Office Live Workspace Open Network Socket oscillator
Office Online open networking oscilloscope
Office Open XML Open Office OSCOM
office productivity software Open Office XML OSCP
Office Ribbon open pipe OSD
office scanner open port OSDL
office suite Open Pretty Good Privacy OSE
Office versions open proxy server OSF
Office Vision open reel OSF/Motif
Office Web Apps open relay OSI
Office XP Open Server OSI model
Office:Mac open shop OSI stack
OfficeJet Open Social OSINT
OfficeVision open software OSMINE
offline Open Software Foundation OSP
offline advertising open source OSPF
offline backup open source code OSR2
offline browser Open Source Definition OSS
offline browsing open source hardware OST file
offline file open source phone OSTA
offline navigator open source program OSU
offline reader open source software OSX
offline storage open source telephony OSx86
offload open source Unix OT
offset open sourced OTA
offset lithography open sourced software OTDR
offset press Open Stack OTG
offset printing open standard OTG USB
offsite backup open standards OTOH
offsite drive open storage OTP
offsite storage open system OTPROM
OFM Open System Interconnection Otrona
Ofoto open systems OTT
OFS Open Transport OTT broadcasting
Ogg open Web OTT services
Ogg Dirac Open webOS OTT video
Ogg FLAC Open With OUI
Ogg Speex Open XML OUM
Ogg Theora OpenAI out box
Ogg Vorbis OpenAir out-of-band
OggUVS OpenAL out-of-band data
OGM OpenBSD out-of-band patch
OH OpenCL out of box
ohm OpenCourseWare out of memory
Ohm's Law OpenDDS out-of-process server
ohnosecond OpenDoc out of the box
OI OpenDoc parts outboard
OIC OpenDocument outboard DAC
OID OpenEdge outbound link
OIG OpenFlow outbound marketing
Oil Change OpenFlow router outbox
oil resistant OpenGL outdent
oilphobic OpenGL ES outer join
OIM OpenI18N outlier
OIS OpenID outline font
OJI opening a port outline processor
Ojo videophone OpenJDK Outlook
OK OpenLDI Outlook data types
OK Google OpenMail Outlook Express
Okamie OpenMG Outlook file types
Okay OpenMoko Outlook on the web
Okidata OpenNT
OKL4 OpenOffice output
OL output area
OLAP OpenPGP output bound
OLAP cube OpenPIC output device
OLAP Services OpenPOWER outside plant
olay OpenPOWER Foundation outside the box
OLCP OpenReader outsourcing
old calculators OpenROAD over-the-air charging
old computers OpenServer over-the-top broadcasting
old fashioned OpenSocial over-the-top content
old media OpenSPARC over-the-top messaging
old memories OpenSSL over-the-top service
old personal computers OpenStack overbooking
OLE OpenStep overbuilder
OLE automation OpenType overclock
OLE automation client OpenURL overclocked
OLE automation controller OpenView overclocking
OLE automation server OpenVME OverDrive CPU
OLE container OpenVMS overflow error
OLE control OpenVZ overflow server
OLE custom control Openwave overhead
OLE Database Openwave Mobile Access Gateway overlay
OLE DB Openwave Mobile Browser overlay card
OLE server OpenWindows overlay network
OLED OpenWrt overlinking
OLED lighting OpenXML overload
oleophobic Opera overload server
OLPC Opera Coast overloading
OLR Opera Max oversampling
OLTP Opera Mini overscan
OM-Express operand oversharenting
OM-Transact operating environment overstrike
OM1 operating system oversubscribed
OMA operating system fingerprinting oversubscription
Omaha operating system-level virtualization Overture
OMAP operating system software overtype mode
OMB operating system virtualization overwrite
OME operation oVirt
OMEGAMON Operation BugDrop Ovonic
OMG operation code Ovonics
OMI operational amplifier Ovonyx Unified Memory
Omlet operational data store OWA
Omnibox operations OWASP
omnidirectional operations manager OWC
OmniKey keyboard operations research OWL
OmniLink60 operations security ownership tag
OmniPage operator OXC
OMNIS 7 operator interface OxygenOS
OMNIS Studio operator overloading  
OmniTRACS operator services  
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