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L-commerce LGA1156 local bus
L-shaped cable LGA1366 local bypass
L1 cache LGA775 local cloud
l10n LGMR local console
L2 LGPL local content
L2 cache LHA local dimming
L2F LHARC local disk
L2TP Li-Fi local drive
L3 Li-ion local echo
L3 cache Li-Po local exchange
l33t Li-Polymer local exchange carrier
l33t5p34k Li18nux local host
L3_PDU libavcodec local IP
L4-7 libavformat local IP address
LAA Liberate local LAN
Lab Liberty Alliance Project local loop
Lab of Things librarian local memory
lab on a chip libraries local network
label library local oscillator
label prefix library function local resource
label switch router library management local search
LACNIC library routine local shared object
LADAR libvirt local storage
ladder DAC libwww local variable
ladder logic license agreement localhost
LADDIS test license-exempt band locality of reference
LADS license plate recognition localization
lady phone licensed assisted access localized
ladyphone Licensing 6.0 locally
LAMA LIDAR locally attached
lambda life blogging LocalTalk
lambda switching life cycle location app
lamda life hack location aware
lamda switching lifeblogging location-based services
lamer lifecaster location-based social networking
lameware lifecasting location broker
LAMP lifeglogger location independent professional
LAMP application lifeglogging location poisoning
LAMP server lifelogging location sensing
LAMP stack LiFePO4 location services
LAN LiFi location sharing
LAN adapter LIFO location transparency
LAN administrator Lift lock down
LAN analyzer ligature lock manager
LAN cables light lock screen
LAN card Light-01 lock step
LAN-centric light appearance lock stepping
LAN connector light bar lock up
LAN drop light bulb color temperature locked down
LAN Emulation light color locked phone
LAN fax light dependent resistor locked up
LAN-free backup light emitting diode locker
LAN hardware light emitting polymer locking
LAN Manager light field camera locking down
LAN Network Manager light guide locking up
LAN party Light Peak lockstepping
LAN port light pen lockup
LAN ready light protocol lockware
LAN Requester light source log
LAN segment light version log in
LAN Server light year log off
LAN station Lightning log on
LAN switch Lightning connector log out
LAN technology Lightning dock connector logging
LAN telephony lights-out datacenter logic
LAN Workplace lights-out management logic 0
land lights-out server room logic 1
land attack LightShip logic analyzer
land grid array lightwave logic array
land line lightwave system logic board
LAND Rover lightweight logic bomb
LANDA lightweight protocol logic chip
landing page Like button logic circuit
landing zone like-jacking logic controller
landline Like Us logic design
Landmark rating likejacking logic device
landscape LILO logic diagram
landscape mode LIM EMS logic error
landscape monitor Limbo logic function
landscape orientation LIMDOW logic gate
LANE LimeWire logic IC
lane departure system limited-distance modem logic one
lane departure warning LiMo logic operation
language limulator logic-seeking printer
language processor Linda logic sequencer
LanguageAccess Lindows logic synthesis
LANRover LindowsOS logic zero
LANtastic line logical
LAP line adapter logical access
laplet line analyzer logical access point
Laplink line art logical backup
Laplink cable line bonding Logical Block Addressing
laptop line break logical bomb
laptop computer line card logical data group
laptop convertible line concentration logical design
laptop cooler line conditioning logical device
laptop hybrid line dot matrix printer logical drive
laptop tablet line doubling logical expression
laptop-to-TV line drawing logical field
large account reseller line driver logical font
large footprint line editor Logical Link Control
large-format printer line feed logical lock
Larrabee line frequency logical operator
lasagna code line level logical partition
laser line load logical precedence
laser-class printer line matrix printer logical record
laser diode LINE messaging system logical topology
laser disc line mode Logical Unit
laser HDTV line number logical unit number
Laser Jet line of code logical volume
Laser Jet printer line of sight logical vs. physical
laser mouse line of site logical vs. physical topology
Laser Phosphor Display line printer login
laser printer line rate Logo
laser pump line segment logo police
laser radar line seizure logoff
laser sintering line sharer logon
Laser Turntable line speed logout
laser TV line squeeze LOINC
laser weapon Line-ux LoJack
LaserDisc linear LoJack for Laptops
LaserJet linear address space LOL
LaserJet printer linear density Lollipop
LaserMaster linear editing LOM
LaserWriter linear flash long
lasso linear PCM long card
last mile linear polarization long clicking linear programming long distance
LAT linear tape long distance network
LATA linear video long file names
latch linear video editing long GOP compression
late binding linear website long haul
latency linefeed long ICMP
latent image lineman long lines
LaTeX lineman's handset long on
latitude lines of code long press
launch lines of resolution Long Range Bluetooth
launcher linesman Long Reach Ethernet
Launchpad Linex long scale
LAWN Lingo Long Tail
laws lingua franca long tap
Lawson Insight link Long Term Evolution
Lawson Software link aggregation long URL
layer link analysis longest prefix matching
layer 1 link block Longhorn
layer 1 switch link bomb Longhorn Server
layer 2 link bombing Longhron
layer 2 switch link campaign longitude
Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol link checking longitudinal recording
layer 3 link consistency longitudinal redundancy check
layer 3 switch link contract longline phishing
layer 4 link edit longlines
layer 4-7 link editor longlining
layer 4-7 switch link encryption LonWorks
layer 4 switch link exchange look & feel
layer 7 link farm look-ahead cache
layer 7 switch link juice look and feel
layer of abstraction link layer look up
layer2 link-local address lookaside cache
layer3 Link NYC lookup
layer4 link page lookup table
layer7 link popularity check Loon
layered architecture link popularity checker Loongson
layers link resolver loop
layers 4-7 link rot loop back
layman link site loop carrier
laymanize link state protocol loop plant
layout engine Link Support Layer loop sharing
layout setting link swap loop start
lazer link text loopback
lazy loading linkage loopback address
lazy write linkage editor loopback IP address
LBA linked browser loopback plug
LBRV linked data LoopPay
LBS Linked In loose coupling
LBT linked list loosely coupled
LC linked open data LORAN
LC barrier Linked Open Vocabularies LORAN-A
LC connector LinkedIn LORAN-B
LC shutter glasses linkedlist LORAN-C
LCC linker LORAN-D
LCD linking LoRaWAN
LCD changing states LinkNYC LOS
LCD display Linkplay lossless
LCD example Linksys lossless codec
LCD HDTV Linksys router lossless compression
LCD/LED Linnex lossy
LCD monitor Linnix lossy compression
LCD panel Linpack lossy file compression
LCD printer Linspire lost cluster
LCD projector Lintel lost packet
LCD shutter glasses Linux LoT
LCD subpixels Linux box Lotus
LCD TV Linux commands Lotus 1-2-3
LCD TV vs. plasma TV Linux containers Lotus menu
LCD types Linux distribution Lotus Notes
LCD vs. plasma Linux distributor Lotus Notes Visual Programmer
LCDS Linux distro Lotus Script
LCM Linux DLL Lotus SmartSuite
LCoS Linux/DOS command comparison Lotus Symphony
LCP Linux Foundation LotusScript
LCR Linux kernel Loudcloud
LD Linux PC loudspeaker
LDA Linux Safe Mode LOV
LDAP Linux Security Modules Love Bug
LDDS Linux Standard Base low-bandwidth spectrum
LDI Linux+ low-code app
LDR LinuxIC low-code development
LDVS Lion low-code platform
LE lip sync low-cost laptops
LE Bluetooth LIPO low density
lead LIPS low-earth orbit
lead acid LipSync Low Energy Bluetooth
lead frame Liquid Audio low entry networking
lead-in liquid computing low footprint
lead-out liquid cooled low frequency
leaded chip carrier liquid crystal low-level access
leader liquid crystal display low-level API
leaderboard liquid crystal shutters low-level format
leading liquid metal battery low-level interface
leading edge Lisa low-level language
leading zeros LISP low memory
leadless chip carrier list low-orbit satellite
leaf list box low-pass filter
League for Programming Freedom list processing low-power server
leaky bucket list processing language low-power WAN
leaky bucket counter list server low-power Wi-Fi
lean programming listening low-profile motherboard
LEAP listicle low radiation
leapfrog test listing low resolution
learncast listproc low-temperature, polysilicon
learncasting LISTSERV lower CASE
learning management system listserver loyalty card
learning system lit fiber loyalty punch card
leased line lit pixel LP
leased line modem lite version LP ripping
least cost routing literal LPAR
least privilege lithium ion LPCM
least significant digit lithium ion phosphate LPD
LEC lithium ion polymer LPD/LPR
LECS lithium iron phosphate LPD protocol
LED lithium polymer LPD server
LED backlit TV lithography lpi
LED billboard litigation hold lpm
LED bulb little endian LPR
LED display live LPR/LPD
LED DLP live blog LPR/LPD protocol
LED flashlight live blogging LPR/LPD server
LED HDTV Live Bookmark LPR server
LED lightbulb live chat LPT1
LED lighting live contact overload LPW
LED mouse Live Distro LPWA
LED printer Live DVD LPWA IoT
LED projector live help LPWAN
LED signage live link LPX motherboard
LED TV Live Mesh LQ
leech live migration LQFP
leecher Live Object LR
LEED live pause LR-WPAN
leet live person LRC
leetspeak Live Photos LRE
leetspeek live preview ls
left click live preview camera LS-120
left justify live preview LCD LSAPI
legacy live search LSB
legacy app live streaming LSI
legacy application live support LSI-11
legacy card live tiles LSL
legacy data live time LSO
legacy driver live update LSR
legacy-free PC live updating LT
legacy infrastructure Live USB LTE
legacy LAN live view LTE-A
legacy NAS live wallpaper LTE Advanced
legacy network LTE architecture
legacy PC LiveCD LTE Cat-0
legacy port LiveCode LTE Cat-1
legacy printer LiveDistro LTE Categories
legacy printer cable LiveDVD LTE dongle
legacy protocol livelock LTE FDD
legacy system LiveMotion LTE for IoT
legacy Windows app liveness LTE-M
legal area map level LiveScript LTE modem
legality of optical storage Livestream LTE TDD
Legato LiveUSB LTE-U
Lempel Ziv liveware LTO
Lemur LiveWire LTO-1
LEN LiveWire Professional LTO-2
Lenovo living room PC LTO-3
lens LIW LTO-4
lens camera LLC LTO-5
lens conversion factor LLCC LTPoE++
lens factor LLDP LTPS LCD
lens flare LLTD LTPS TFT LCD
lens multiplier LLVM LU
lens-style camera Lm/W LU 6.2
lenticular 3D LMAO Lua
lenticular lens LMB battery Lucent
lenticular printing LMDS Luddite
Leopard LMHOSTS luggable
less than symbol LMS lumen
lessons LNA Lumena
Let's Play LNB lumenous flux
letter bomb LNK file lumens per watt
letter box LNP Lumia
letter quality lo-fi luminance
letterbox lo-res luminous flux
letterboxed load LUN
level 1 cache load balancing LUNI
level 2 cache load coil lurk
Level 3 load high lurking
level 3 cache load module LUT
Level 6 load sharing lux
Level 7 load test LV
level of abstraction load testing software LVD
level playing field load/unload ramp LVDS
lex loaded LWIR
LexiBot loaded line LWP
lexicographer loader LX chipset
lexicographic sort loader routine LXC
LexisNexis loading coil Lycos
Lexmark LoadRunner Lyft
LF/CR lobe length Lync
LFN local Lync Server
LFP local access Lynex
LGA local access carrier Lynx
LGA 1156 local account Lytro camera
LGA 1366 local address LZW
LGA 775 local area network  
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