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F connector file slack font rasterizer
F key file spec font scaler
F keys file storage font smoothing
f-number file swapping font style
F-RAM file system font type
F sharp file transfer program font utility
f-stop file transfer protocol font weight
F/X file type Fontware
F# file upload foo
F1 key file viewer foobar
F2C file viewing footer
F2F file virtualization footnote
F2P file wipe footprint
FaaS file wiping for loop
fab FileMaker for next loop
fabless FileMan for statement
fablet filename Force
fabric filename extension Force Quit
FabricServer FileNet Force Touch
Fabry-Perot Filer force touching
FACA files and folders Ford SYNC
face recognition files vs. folders FORE Systems
Facebook filespec foreground/background
Facebook addiction filesystem foreign exchange service
Facebook assistant fill foreign file
Facebook Beacon fill pattern foreign format
Facebook Connect fill scaling foreign key
Facebook Credits filler app foreign language characters
Facebook e-mail film camera forensically clean
Facebook fatigue film frame sequence forensics
Facebook Graph Search film mode detection ForeRunner
Facebook Home film recorder forest
Facebook Like film scanner Forest & Trees
Facebook M film sequence forests and trees
Facebook Markup Language film transfer forestware
Facebook Messages filter fork
Facebook Messenger filter bubble forked
Facebook News Feed filter driver forked version
Facebook Page filtering forking proxy
Facebook personal assistant filters and pipes forklift upgrade
Facebook phone fin form
Facebook Places finalization form factor
Facebook Platform finalized form feed
Facebook shadow profile financial planning language Form Mail
Facebook Timeline financial planning system form spam
Facebook virtual assistant financial software form view
Facebook Wall Find formant information
Facebook Zero find file format
Facebookistan find me Format Painter
FaceCash find me/follow me format program
FaceLift find me service Formatted Objects
Faceslam Finder formatted text
Faceslammed FinFET formatting
FaceTime finger FormMail
FaceTime Audio finger mouse forms software
facilities fingerprint formula
facilities management fingerprint reader formulary
facility area map level finite element Forte
facsimile finite state machine Forte for Java
factor FIO Forte Fusion
factorial FiOS Fortezza
factorization problem FIPS FORTH
fail safe FIR FORTRAN
fail soft Fire forum
failover Fire HD Forum of Incident Response and Security Teams
failsafe Fire Phone forward bias
failure horizon Fire smartphone forward chaining
fair queuing Fire tablet forward compatible
fair use Fire TV forward DNS
fair use doctrine Fire TV Stick forward error correction
FairPlay fire wall forward link
fake antivirus Fire Wire forward proxy
fake fans and followers Firefly forward slash
fake Web site Firefox Forward Versatile Disc
fakeAV Firefox add-on forwarding
fallback/fall forward Firefox app FOSI
fallback system Firefox extension FOSS
fallover Firefox OS FOT file
false drops Firefox plug-in FOTA
false negative firewall FOTS
false positive firewall appliance foundation classes
FAMOS firewall methods founder's syndrome
fan firewall router foundry
fan boy firewall techniques fountain fill
fan-fold paper FireWire four-socket server
fan in FireWire 1600 Four Thirds system
fan out FireWire 3200 four-way server
fanboi FireWire 400 Four11
fanboy FireWire 800 Fourier transform
FanCard FireWire drive foursquare
Fandroid FireWire hard drive fourth-generation computer
fangirl FireWire port fourth-generation language
Fanwood Firey engine Foveon chip
FAQ firmware FoxBASE
FAQ file firmware update Foxcom
far field firmware upgrade Foxconn
far memory FIRST Foxed
far pointer first boot sequence FoxPro
Farad first computer FP
Faraday cage first-generation computer FPD
farecasting first hard disk FPGA
farfield first-level cache FPLMTS
farm first memory FPM RAM
farming first mile FpML
Faroudja first miniature drive FPO
Farudja first-party cookie fps
Faruja first-person shooter FPU
Fasgrolia first programmer FPX file
Fast first screen FQ
Fast ATA first-time user FQDN
Fast Ethernet First Virtual FQFP
fast Fourier transform first Web site FQHC
Fast Infoset fish FR
Fast IP fisher FR4
fast page mode fishing Fractal Design Painter
Fast SCSI FISINT fractals
fast wireless charging FISMA fractional T1
FastCAD fit fractional T3
FastCGI fitness FRAD
FastDisk fitness band frag
FastSite fitness device Fraggle attack
FAT fitness tracker fragment
fat binary FITSAF fragment processor
fat client Fitts' law fragmentation
FAT file system five nines fragmented MP4
fat finger fixate FRAM
fat pipe fixed broadband frame
fat protocol fixed broadband wireless frame buffer
fat server fixed data user frame grabber
FAT system fixed disk frame packing
FAT12 fixed-frequency monitor frame rate
FAT16 fixed head disk frame rate conversion
FAT32 fixed length field frame relay
fatal error fixed length record frame sequence
fatal exception fixed-line frame sequential
FatBits fixed-line Internet frame switch
father file fixed mobile convergence frame switching
fatherboard fixed pixel display frame transfer CCD
fault fixed pixel technology framekiller
fault detection fixed point FrameMaker
fault diagnosis fixed satellite frames
fault isolation fixed wireless frameset
fault management fixed wireless WISP framework
fault resilient FJ connector framing bit
fault tolerance FK FRED
fault tolerant Fkey free and open source
faves FLAC free and open source software
favicon Flack Free Basics
Favorites flag free e-mail
favorites icon flagging free form
fax flagship product free-form data
fax board flame free-form database
fax gateway flame bait free-form fabrication
fax logging Flame virus free-form language
fax machine flame war free-form manufacturing
fax/modem flamer free-form text
fax over IP flamewar free Internet service
fax over VoIP flaming free ISP
fax server FLAP free mail
fax switch flapping Free-PC
fax to e-mail flash free premium
fax to email flash adapter free software
fax to mail flash appliance Free Software Foundation
FB Flash application free software license
FBC flash array free software movement
FBI computer scam flash based free space
FBJS flash BIOS free space optics
FBML flash button Free Standards Group
FBOCD flash card free-text
FBW flash card adapter free to air TV
Fc flash card drive Freebase
FC-AL flash card reader FreeBSD
FC connector Flash cookie freedb
FC-P2P flash crowd Freedman's law
FC-SW flash dance Freedom to Connect
FCAPS flash disk FreeDOS
FCC flash drive freeform fabrication
FCC auction flash drive names freeform manufacturing
FCC Class flash file system FreeHand
FCFS flash fusing Freelance Graphics
fci Flash Lite Freeman Reports
FCIF flash media freemium
FCIP Flash Media Server Freenet
FCoE flash memory Freespire
FCP flash memory cache Freestyle
FD flash memory card freetext
FD/HD flash memory device freeware
FD-LTE flash memory disk freeze
FD:OCA flash memory drive freeze-frame video
FDD flash memory player freezing
FDDI flash memory reader fremium
FDISK flash mob frequency
FDIV bug Flash movie frequency band
FDM flash music player frequency bands
FDMA Flash MX frequency division multiplexing
FDR Flash Player frequency hopping
FDSE flash RAM frequency modulation
FDSSDP Flash remoting frequency range
FDSSDP.DLL flash rob frequency response
FDX flash ROM frequency shift
FEA flash sale fresh out of the box
feasibility study flash SSD fresnel zone
feathering flash stick FRF.11
feature connector flash storage FRF.12
feature creep Flash video friction feed
feature negotiation FlashArray fried
feature pack flashdrive friend
feature phone flashing friending
feature set flashing a ROM friendly URL
feature size flashlight app Friendster
feature width FlashPix fring
FEC Flashpoint frob
FECN flat frolleague
FED flat address space front camera
Federal Communications Commission flat CRT front end
federal regulations flat design front-end CASE
federated flat face CRT front end processor
federated database flat file front-facing camera
federated directories flat network front-facing Webcam
federated query flat panel front office
Fedora flat panel connections front office application
feed flat panel display front office automation
feed drive flat panel monitor front office product
feed viewer flat panel TV front-projection screen
feedback about a term in this encyclopedia flat screen front-projection TV
feeware flat screen TV front projector
feild flat shading front screen projection
FeliCa flat TV front screen TV
female connector flatbed plotter FrontPage
femto flatbed scanner frontside bus
femto cell flatface CRT frontware
femto-satellite flatpack Froogle
femtocell flatscreen TV frotzed
femtosecond flatten Froyo
femtotechnology flatten layers frozen
FEP flattening FRU
FeRAM FLC file frustrum
fermion flea market frustum
FERPA flear FS
Ferranti Mark I fleet tracking FSAN
ferric Flex FSB
ferric oxide Flex application FSF
ferroelectric flex circuit FSG
ferroelectric capacitor Flex markup language FSIOP
ferromagnetic flex print FSK
ferromagnetic RAM FlexATX FSM
ferrous flexible circuit FSN
ferrule flexible disk FSO
fetch FLI file FSS
fetch-execute cycle flick file FST
FEXT flicker FSTN
FF flicker fusion frequency FT-1
FF sensor flicker fusion rate FT-CCD
FFF flight simulation FT1
FFmpeg flight simulator FTAM
FFS Flip camera FTG file
FFT flip chip FTL
FFY Flip Disc FTMS
FHD flip-flop FTP
FHSS flip method FTP commands
FI flip phone FTP server
fiascos Flip Video FTP site
fiber flipper FTPS
fiber Bragg grating flippy board FTS file
fiber bundle flippy-floppy FTS2000
Fiber Channel FLIR FTTC
fiber cut FLO TV FTTE
Fiber Distributed Data Interface float FTTH
fiber exhaust floating gate FTTN
fiber glut floating point FTTP
Fiber Jack floating point unit FTTx
fiber laser floating toolbar FTX
fiber loss floating window FUBAR
fiber-optic flood fubbing
fiber-optic cable flooding Fuchsia
fiber-optic connectors Flooz FUD
fiber optics FLOP FUD factor
fiber optics glossary floppy fuel cell
Fibonacci numbers floppy disk Fujitsu
Fibre Channel floppy disk drive Fujitsu Siemens
Fibre Channel over Ethernet floppy drive full-array LED TV
fiche floppy duplicator full backup
FICON FLOPS full bleed
fiddy Floptical full-duplex
Fido florescent bulb full-duplex Ethernet
FIDO Alliance FLOSS full featured
FidoNet flow chart full-frame digital SLR
field flow control Full HD
field effect transistor flow meter Full HDTV
field engineer flowchart full-height drive
field name FlowCharter Full High-Definition
field of view flowcharting program full mesh
field programmable gate array flowmeter full-motion video
field replaceable fluoresce full path
field separator fluorescence full project life cycle
field service fluorescent bulb full-rate ADSL
field squeeze flush full-screen mode
field template flush center full-service network
fieldbus flush left full-size SD Card
Fiery engine flush right full-text search
FIF flux full user mobility
FIFO flux transition full virtualization
FIFO queuing FLV Fullerine
fifth-generation computer flying head fully baked
fifth screen flying height fully buzzword compliant
FIGS Flyover fully immersive 3D environment
figure of merit FM fully immersive virtual world
Fiji FM modulator fully meshed network
file FM radio fully populated
file access FM synthesis fully qualified
File-AID FM transmitter fully qualified domain name
file allocation table FMC function
file allocation unit FMD/C function as a service
file and printer sharing FMD ROM function call
file and record locking FMP-X1 function key
file archive fMP4 function keys
file archiver FMS function library
file association Fn key function overloading
file attachment FO function prototype
file attribute FOAF functional decomposition
file backup fob functional dependency
file browser FOBTV functional language
file browsing FOCA functional programming
file compare focal length functional requirements
file comparing FOCIS functional specification
file compression FOCUS functional stovepipe
file conversion FOCUS Desktop functional test
file deduplication FOCUS Fusion functionality
file delete fog fundraising
file explorer fog computing funny looking squiggly squares
file extension fog router fuse
file extent fogging fused deposition modeling
file extention FOIA Fushia
file find FOIRL fusible link
file format fold fusing
file grooming folder Fusion
file handle folder/directory Fusion Drive
file handling folder hierarchy Fusion FTMS
file header foldering fusion splice
file hierarchy folders and files fustrum
File History FOLED Futura
file hosting Folio Future I/O
file hosting site folksonomy future memory chips
file I/O follow me future proof
file layout follow me service future RAM chips
file level FOM Futurebus+
file librarian FOMA fuzz test
file locking Fon fuzz testing
file maintenance FON file fuzzer
file management Fon Spot fuzzing
file management system fondle slab fuzzing attack
file manager fondlephone fuzzy computer
file matching fondleslab fuzzy logic
file name fondletab fuzzy logician
file name extension Fonera fuzzy search
file net Fonero FVD
File Not Found fong shading FW
file path font FWA
file player font cartridge FWB
file protect ring font characteristics FWD
file protection font compiler FWIW
file recovery program font editor FWSE
file relationships font embedding FWVGA
file server font family FX
file sharing font generator FX 32
file sharing protocol font incompatibility FX format
file sharing service font manager FXS
file sharing site font metric FY
file size font number FYI
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