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A/B box alpha channel application virtualization
A/B/G/N Alpha Five application whitelist
A/B/G/N/AC Alpha Four application window
A/B/G/N/AC router alpha geek applications management
A/B/G/N router alpha release applications programmer
A/B/G router alpha test applications software
A/D conversion alpha testing APPN
A/D converter alpha version Approach
A-GPS Alphabet Approved Scanning Vendor
A-Law alphageometric approximate computing
A-OLs alphamosaic apps
A Programming Language alphanumeric apps on tap
A record alphanumeric sort Apps screen
A/S/L alphanumerish appserver
A/UX ALPR appstore
A/V cable Alt key AppWare
A/V connectors alt newsgroup appz
A/V container alt-right APS
A/V drive Alt-Tab APS-C
A/V plugs ALT text APS-H
A/V ports Alta Vista APS-P
A/V receiver Altair APT
A/V sync AltArch apt-X
A+ certification AltaVista aptent
A10 alternate routing aptitude tests
A20 line alternating current aptX
A2DP AlterNet APU
A2WML AltGr key AR
A4 Alto AR goggles
A4 paper AltRight AR headset
A4WP ALU arachniography
A5 always on Arago
A6 AM/3DP arbitrary
A6 record AM-LCD arbitrated loop
A6X AM-OLED arbitration
A7 AM radio Arbor Software
A8 Am286 ARC
A8X Am386 ARC port
A9 Am486 ARC server
A: Am586 arch
a:install Am5x86 ArchestrA
AA AMA Archie
AAA Amara's law Archistrat computer
AAA server AMASS architecture
AAAA record amateur radio architecture neutral
AAC Amaya architecture police
aac Plus Amazon archive
AAC protected Amazon Alexa archive attribute
AAC+ Amazon Appstore archive bit
aacPlus Amazon Cloud Drive archive file
aacPlus v2 Amazon Dash archive formats
AACS Amazon Dot archive program
AAL Amazon Echo archived file
aaS Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud archiver
AAUI Amazon Fire archiving
abacus Amazon Fire Phone archiving program
abandonware Amazon Fire smartphone ARCNET
ABAP Amazon Fire tablet Ardent
ABAP/4 Amazon Fire TV ARDIS
ABARS Amazon Glacier Arduino
abbreviating URLs Amazon Kindle area array package
ABC Amazon phone areal density
ABC FlowCharter Amazon Prime arg
ABC Graphics Suite Amazon S3 argc
abc's Amazon smartphone Argos
ABCD Amazon Tap argument
abcs Amazon Web Services argv
Abelene Aries
abend ambient ARIN
Abend-AID ambient app arithmetic coding
ABG router ambient light arithmetic expression
ABGN ambient light sensor arithmetic logic unit
ABGN router ambient lighting arithmetic operator
ABGNAC ambient networking arithmetic overflow
ABGNAC router ambient social app arithmetic underflow
ABI ambient social networking ARJ
Abilene ambiguous user ARM
ablative WORM ambimousterous ARM-based system-on-chip
abort Ambra ARM big.LITTLE
Abort, Retry, Fail AMC ARM chips
About Box AmCoEx ARM tablet
About this encyclopedia AMD Armada
About this product AMD 64 armon
above the fold AMD/ATI armored virus
above the line AMD Fusion aromaware
above the scroll AMD laptop ARP
ABS AMD PC ARP cache poisoning
absolute AMD personal computer ARP spoofing
absolute address AMD-V ARP table
absolute cell reference AMD Virtualization ARPA
absolute coding AMD VISION ARPAnet
absolute link AMD64 ARPU
absolute path AMD64 sockets ARQ
absolute reference Amdahl ARRA
absolute URL Amdahl's law array
absolute vector Amdroid array element
absolute zero AME array of structures
abstract class America Online array processor
abstract data type American Bell ARRL
abstract identifier American Computer Exchange Arrow key
abstract superclass American Federation of Information Processing ART
Abstract Windowing Toolkit American National Standards Institute artefact
abstraction American Registry for Internet Numbers Article 2B
abstraction layer American Standard Code for Information Interchange artifact
abstraction level AMI artificial intelligence
AC AMI BIOS artificial language
AC '97 Ami Pro artificial life
AC-1 AMI2 artilect
AC-2 Amiga AS
AC-3 AmigaOne AS/400
AC adapter AmigaOS AS/400 Integrated PC Server
ac-standard router AMLCD as a service
AC1 amorphous ASA
AC2 amorphous semiconductor ASA film speed
AC3 amorphous silicon ASA setting
AC97 amp ASC White
Acacia AMP enabled ASC X12
Acandescent bulb amp-hour ascender
ACAP ampere ascending sort
ACATS ampere-hour ASCI White
ACC ampersand ASCII
ACC+ ampersand codes ASCII art
Accelerated Graphics Port Ampex ASCII-based domain name
Accelerated Hub Architecture amplifier ASCII characters
Accelerated Mobile Pages amplifier classes ASCII chart
Accelerated Processor amplitude ASCII code
acceleration amplitude modulation ASCII file
acceleration services AMPS ASCII protocol
accelerator AMPS modem ASCII sort
accelerator board AMR ASCII table
accelerometer AMS ASCII terminal
Accelis AMT ASCII text
ACCELL/SQL anaglif ASCII text file
accellerator anaglyph ASCII transfer
Accenture anaglyph 3D ASCII value
acceptable use policy anaglyph camera ASCIIbetical
acceptance angle anaglyph DVD ASDL
acceptance test anaglyph technique ASE
access anaglyphic glasses ASF
access arm analog Ashton-Tate
access charge analog audio ASIC
access code analog broadcast ASIO
access concentrator analog camera ASK
access control analog cassette askSam
access control list analog channel ASM
access control protocol analog component video ASMO
access denied analog computer ASMP
access line analog connections ASN
access list analog copy machine ASN.1
access method analog data ASP
access mode analog-digital conversion ASP Industry Consortium
access network analog-digital converter ASP+
access number analog domain ASP.NET
access point analog film aspect ratio
access point name analog format Aspen
access point SSID Analog HD asperand
access provider analog hole ASPI
access rights analog input ASR
access router analog line assembler
access server analog modem assembly language
access tandem analog modulation assessment
access technology analog monitor assignment statement
access tiering analog output assistant
access time analog phone assisted GPS
access token analog phone adapter assistive technology
ACCESS.bus analog plugs associate
accessibility analog ports associating files
accessory analog QAM Association for Computing Machinery
accessory card analog resolution Association for Systems Management
accident analog signal generator Association of Shareware Professionals
account analog sockets associative memory
account control analog sound associative storage
account number analog stereo ASSP
account policy analog sunset assurance
accountability analog telephone assymetric cryptography
accounting machine analog telephone adapter AST
accounts payable software analog telephony asterisk
accounts receivable software analog telephony adapter Asterisk PBX
accumulator analog-to-digital conversion astroturfing
accuracy analog-to-digital converter ASV
ACD analog TV ASX file
ACE analog video asymmetric
acelerator analogue asymmetric compression
ACF analogue broadcast asymmetric cryptography
ACGNJ analogue camera asymmetric encryption
ACH analogue cassette asymmetric modem
ACID analogue computer asymmetric multiprocessing
ACIS analogue domain asymmetric system
ACK analogue film async
acknowledgment code analogue hole async USB DAC
Acknowledgments analogue input asynchronous
ACL analogue modem asynchronous communications
ACM analogue phone asynchronous communications server
acoustic coupler analogue-to-digital converter asynchronous I/O
acoustic fingerprint analysis asynchronous mode
ACP analyst asynchronous protocol
ACPA analytical database engine Asynchronous Protocol Specification
ACPI Analytical Engine asynchronous transfer mode
ACR analytics asynchronous transmission
Acrobat anamorphic asynchronous USB DAC
Acrobat Distiller anamorphic DVD AT
Acrobat Exchange anamorphic lens AT Attachment
Acrobat file anchor AT bus
Acrobat forms anchor tag AT class
Acrobat Pro anchor text AT command set
Acrobat Reader AND-OR-NOT AT interface
acronym AndCam AT keyboard
Acroread Andersen Consulting AT keyboard connector
ACS ANDF AT motherboard
Act Andoird AT processor
action bar Andriod AT-PS/2 adapter
action cam Android at scale
Action Center Android 1.5 at sign
action file Android 1.6 At Work
actionable intelligence Android 2.0 AT&T
ActionScript Android 2.2 AT&T GIS
activate Android 3.0 AT&T WorldNet
activation server Android 4.0 ATA
active Android 4.1 ATA-100
active 3D Android 4.2 ATA-133
active 3D TV Android 4.3 ATA-2
active addressing Android 4.4 ATA-3
active archiving Android 5.0 ATA-33
active area Android 6.0 ATA-4
active cell Android antivirus program ATA-66
Active Channel Android app ATA drive
active chat Android app player ATA flash
active component Android app store ATA/IDE
active content Android Auto ATA over Ethernet
active cruise control Android Beam ATA RAID
Active Desktop Android camera ATAPI
Active Directory Android car system ATAPI drive
Active Directory forest Android Cloud to Device Messaging Atari
Active Directory server Android computer Atari ST
Active Directory tree Android connector ATASPI
active display Android DDMS ATCA
Active Frames Android desktop ATE
active glasses Android dock ATG Dynamo
active HDMI cable Android emulator Athens
active hub Android File Transfer Athlon
active hyperlink Android for Work Athlon 64
active link Android fragmentation Athlon 64 X2
Active Management Technology Android G1 Athlon XP
active matrix Android G2 ATI
active matrix display Android hands-free ATL
active matrix OLED Android in the car Atlas
active monitor Android L ATM
Active Movie Android laptop ATM Forum
active network Android M ATM machine
active operating system fingerprinting Android Magic ATM NIC
active partition Android Market ATM.INI
active-pixel sensor Android market share ATM155
active RFID tag Android marketplace ATM25
Active Server Page Android minicomputer Atmos
active shutter glasses Android models atmosphere
active star Android music dock atom
Active Streaming Format Android myTouch Atom chips
Active Sync Android N Atom syndication format
Active Template Library Android netbook atomic
active testing Android Nexus atomic force microscope
active TV Android notebook atomic layer deposition
active TV set Android O atomic operation
active window Android on a stick atomicity
ActiveDirectory Android OS versions Atos Zero Email
ActiveMovie Android Pay ATRAC
ActiveSync Android PC ATRAC3
ActiveWorks Android phone ATSC
ActiveX Android player ATSC converter box
ActiveX automation Android recovery image ATSC-M/H
ActiveX component Android ROM ATSC mobile
ActiveX control Android rooting ATSC tuner
ActiveX Documents Android set-top box attach
ActiveX-enabled browser Android smartphone attach a file
ActiveX filtering Android smartwatch attached document
ActiveX object Android store attached processor
ActiveX Server Component Android tablet attachedapps
activity logger Android TV attaching a file
activity monitor Android versions attachment
activity tracker Android vs. iPhone attachment unit interface
actor Android watch attack
actor model Android Wear attack vector
ACTS angel investor attacker
actuator Angie's list attenuate
actuator arm angieslist attenuation
ad angle brackets ATTN
Ad-aware angstrom atto
ad banner Angular attosecond
ad blocker Angular.js Attrib
ad campaign ANI attribute
AD converter animalware ATU
AD/Cycle animated anchor ATU-C
ad hoc animated cursor ATU-R
ad hoc analysis animated GIF ATV
ad hoc mobile network animated graphics ATV Forum
ad hoc mode animation ATVEF
ad hoc network anime ATX
ad hoc query anion ATX motherboard
ad hoc report anisotropic AU file
Ad Lib ANN file auction sniping
ad network anneal auctions
ad rotation Anniversary Update Audible
ad server annoybot
ad serving annoyware AudibleAir
ad-supported software anode audio
ad view anolog audio adapter
Ada anomaly audio bit depth
Adabas anomaly detection audio blog
ADAPSO anonomous audio board
adapter anonymity application audio book
adapter bindings Anonymizer audio browser
adapter card anonymous audio cable
adaption kit upgrade anonymous blog audio card
adaptive bitrate anonymous browsing audio cassette
adaptive brake lights anonymous FTP audio cassette player
adaptive bridge anonymous marketplace audio cassette recorder
adaptive compression anonymous post audio CD
adaptive computing anonymous proxy audio chat
adaptive content anonymous remailer audio codec
adaptive cruise control anonymous server audio coder
adaptive equalization anonymous surfing audio compression
adaptive headlights anonymous Web browsing audio conferencing
adaptive hypermedia anonymous Web proxy audio connections
adaptive hypertext anonymous Web surfing audio conversion
adaptive logic Anoto audio decoder
adaptive routing ANPR audio digest
Adaptive Server Enterprise ANR error audio disc
adaptive streaming ANS audio downloads
adaptive sync ANSEL character set audio downsampling
adaptive synchronization ANSI audio editor
adaptive vertical sync ANSI bomb Audio FaceTime
adaptive website ANSI character set audio file
adaptor ANSI escape code audio files
ADAT ANSI lumen audio fingerprint
ADB ANSI terminal audio format
ADC ANSI X12 audio formats
ADCCP ANSI.SYS audio frequency output
ADCPM Ansible audio induction loop
add/drop multiplexer answer mode audio instant messaging
add-in answer only modem audio interface
add-on audio jack
add server Ant audio media
adder ANT+ Audio Modem Riser
addiction antenna diversity audio on demand
additive fabrication antenna farm audio plugs
additive manufacturing Antennagate audio response
addon anthropomorphic audio return channel
address anti-adware audio ripper
address bar anti-aliasing audio samples
address book anti-antivirus virus audio scrubbing
address bus anti-blooming audio server
address cleansing anti-glare filter audio sockets
address decoder anti-glare LCD screen audio streaming
address field anti-glare screen audio tag
address lookup utilities anti-malware audio tag editor
address mode anti-parasite software audio tagger
address of anti-piracy audio upsampling
address operator anti-plagiarism software audio video
address register anti-reflective screen audio video cable
address resolution anti-spam audio video connectors
address resolution protocol anti-spyware audio video container
address space anti-static audio/video receiver
address translation anti-static pad audio visual
addressable anti-theft audio visual ports
addressable cursor anti-virus audio watermark
adds, moves and changes antialiasing audioblog
ADE antibanding audioblogging
ADF anticiparallelism audiobook
ADIC antidisintermediation audiocast
ADM antifuse audioconference
ADMD antilaser audioconferencing
admin antimalware audiographics
admin privileges antipiracy audiophile
administrative area map level antispam audiophile DAC
administrative privileges antispyware Audioscrobbler
administrator antistatic audiotex
administrator privileges antistatic bag audiotext
administrivia antistatic device audiovisual
ADN antistatic liquid audit
ADO antistatic mat audit software
ADO.NET antistatic strap audit trail
Adobe antistatic wristband augmentation system
Adobe Acrobat antitheft augmented reality
Adobe Acrobat Reader antitrust cases augmented virtuality
Adobe AIR antiviral program AUI
Adobe cookie antivirus AUP
Adobe Creative Cloud antivirus program AUP/IUP
Adobe Creative Suite antivirus scanner Auro-3D
Adobe Director antivirus software Austin Computer
Adobe Document Server ANVIL authenticate
Adobe Extreme any key authentication
Adobe Flash any screen computer authentication server
Adobe Flash Dynamic Streaming anycast authentication system
Adobe Flash Media Server Anynet authentication token
Adobe Flash Player AO/DI authenticator
Adobe Flex AOCE authenticity
Adobe fonts AOD Authenticode
Adobe HDS AODV authoring language
Adobe HTTP Dynamic Streaming AoE authoring program
Adobe Illustrator AOI authoring system
Adobe Integrated Runtime AOL authoritative server
Adobe Media Server AOL/AIM authority server
Adobe Photoshop AOL Instant Messenger authorization
Adobe Reader authorization code
Adobe RGB AOLS Authorware
Adobe Type Align AOLTV auto
Adobe Type Manager AON auto 3D
ADODB AOP auto answer
ADOX AOPed auto attendant
ADP AOS auto baud detect
ADP system AOSP auto bypass
ADPCM AP auto complete
adress AP isolation auto dial
ADRS APA auto fill
ADS Apache auto hide
AdSense Apache Cordova Auto Hop
adserver Apache OpenOffice Auto-ID Center
ADSI Apache Spark Auto-ID Labs
ADSL Apache Web server Auto Insert Notification
ADSL Lite APC auto line feed
ADSL splitter APCUG auto login
ADSM APDEX auto logon
Advanced Audio Coding aperture auto MDI/MDIX
Advanced Audio Distribution Profile aperture card auto negotiate
Advanced Configuration and Power Interface aperture grille Auto Play
Advanced Data Connector apeture auto redial
Advanced Encryption Standard APFS auto refresh
Advanced Format API auto reliable
Advanced MC APIC auto-responder
advanced persistent threat APIPA auto restart
Advanced Photo System APK auto resume
Advanced Pick APL Auto Run
Advanced Power Management Aplio/Phone auto save
Advanced Research Projects Agency APM auto scaling
Advanced Revelation APNIC auto scroll
Advanced TCA apogee auto sense
Advanced Video Codec Apollo auto skip
Advanced Video Coding APON auto start
Advanced Wireless Services app auto stereo
AdvancedMC app bloat auto stereoscopic
AdvancedTCA app centric auto stereoscopy
AdvanceNet app cessory auto sum
Advantix app code auto trace
advergame app drawer auto type
advertiser supported software App Economy auto update
advertorial app emulator auto upgrade
Advisor App Engine autobaud rate
advisory APP extension AutoCAD
ADW APP file autocasting
adware app gap autochanger
AdWords app indexing autocoder
AE app killer autocomplete
Aereo app launcher autoconfiguration addressing
aerial density app phone Autoconfiguration IP address
aerial photography app player AutoCorrect
Aero app reskinning Autodesk
Aero Glass app server AUTODIN
AES/EBU app streaming autofill
AES3 app tray autoflow
AFAIK App-V autofocus
AFC APPC autohide
AFE AppCenter Server AutoLISP
Affero General Public License appcessory autoloader
Affero GPL append automagic
affiliate appeture automagically
affiliate program appgen automata theory
affinity group applacation automate
affinity ISP Apple Automated Audit, Assertion, etc.
aficionado Apple 1 automated checkout
AFILS Apple 2 automated clearing house
AFIPS Apple A series automated investing
AFK Apple A4 automated lip reading
AFM Apple A5 automated optical inspection
AFM file Apple A6 automated provisioning
AFP Apple A7 automated x-ray inspection
AFP printer Apple A7x automatic call distributor
AFPL Apple A8 automatic car
AfriNIC Apple A8x automatic data processing
AFS Apple App Store automatic design optimization
AFSMI Apple autonomous vehicle automatic feature negotiation
AFT Apple Car automatic graphics switching
After Dark Apple CarPlay automatic license plate recognition
after PCs Apple cloud automatic lip reading
aftermarket Apple coprocessor automatic MDI/MDI-X
aftermarket firmware Apple CPUs automatic MDI/MDIX
agent Apple Desktop Bus automatic number identification
agent turnover Apple device automatic number plate identification
aggragator Apple dock Automatic Private IP Addressing
aggregate Apple dock connector automatic provisioning
aggregate function Apple DRM automatic read notification
aggregator Apple electric car automatic read receipts
AGI Apple Events automatic repeat request
agile Apple File Exchange automatic sharding
Agile Alliance Apple File System automatic teller machine
agile development Apple Handoff automatic test equipment
Agile Manifesto Apple HDTV automatic updates
agile programming Apple HLS automatic updating
agile software development Apple I automatic vehicle location
Agilent Apple-IBM alliance automation
AGP Apple iFrame automation cell
AGP port Apple II automation client
AGPL Apple III automation controller
AGPS Apple in the Car automation language
AGPset Apple Intel transition automation product
agregator Apple iOS automation programming language
Ah Apple-ization automation server
AHCI Apple key automaton
AHD Apple Lisa automator
AHIC Apple Live Streaming automobile
AI Apple Lossless automobile safety systems
AI anxiety Apple Mac automobile systems
AI file Apple Mail automotive Ethernet
AIBO Apple Maps automotive networks
AIC Apple media hub automotive safety systems
AICPA ITMS Apple menu automotive systems
AIDC Apple messages automounting
AIDE Apple mobile operating system autonegotiate
AIFC file Apple Music autonomic computing
AIFF Apple OS autonomous car
AIFF file Apple Pay autonomous delivery vehicle
AIIM Apple payments autonomous driving
AIM Apple Pencil autonomous robot
AIM/AOL Apple phone autonomous system
AIML Apple picking autonomous vehicle
AIMM Apple processors autonomous weapon
AIN Apple set-top box autoplay video
AIO Apple smartwatch autopolling
AIR Apple store autoresponder
air card Apple stylus autorestart
Air Fuel Apple Swift AutoRun
air interface Apple system-on-chip AUTORUN.INF
Air Play Apple tablet autosave
Air Print Apple Tax autoscaling
Air2Web Apple text messages autoscroll
AIRAVE Apple TV autosense
Airbnb Apple TV set autosizing
aircard Apple video hub AutoSketch
AirDrop Apple Wallet autostart
aireal density Apple Watch autostart routine
AirFuel Apple Watch 2 autostereo
airial density Apple Watch Hermes autostereoscopic
airplane mode Apple Watch Nike+ autostereoscopy
AirPlay Apple Watch Series 2 autosum
AirPods Appleization AutoText
AirPort AppleScript autotrace
AirPort Express AppleShare autotype
AirPort Extreme AppleShare PC autoupdate
AirPrint AppleSoft BASIC autoupgrade
AirTunes applet AUX
AIT AppleTalk Filing Protocol auxiliary jack
AITP applett auxiliary memory
AIX AppleTV auxiliary port
AJAX AppleWorks auxiliary storage
AJAX engine appliance AV
AJAX framework application AV drive
AJAXian app application adapter AV plugs
Akamai application binary interface AV ports
akick application blacklist AV program
Akomy Application Center AV receiver
AKU application centric AV software
AKU1 application-defined networking AV storm
AKU2 application delivery controller availability
ALAC application developer Avalon
Alambic application development Avant Stellar keyboard
alarm application development environment avatar
alarm filtering application development language AVC
ALC application development services AVC compression
Aldus application development system AVC format
Aldus FreeHand Application Development Workbench AVC HD
Aldus Persuasion application distribution program AVC-Intra
ALE Application Error AVC-Intra 100
alert application extension AVC-Intra 50
alert box Application Foundation Classes AVC-Ultra
Alexa application framework AVCHD
Alexa Dot application gateway AVCHD Lite
Alexa Tap application generator AVCHD MTS
Alexa Voice Service application install ad AVG
ALG application integration AVHCD
algebraic expression application layer AVI
algo application layer gateway avionics
ALGOL application-level gateway AVL
algorithm application lifecycle management AVR
algorithmic language application logic AVRCP
alias application management system AVS
aliased Application Master AVSR
aliasing application notes AVX
Alibaba application/octet stream AWadvs-01
ALICE application package Award BIOS
alien crosstalk application partitioning AWC
alignment application performance management AWE
all-cloud environment application platform AWE32
all-in-1 application processor AWE64
all-in-one application program Awesome Bar
all-in-one computer application program interface AWG
all-in-one PC application program library AWGTHTGTTA
all optical application programmability awk
all-optical network application programmer AWS
all points addressable application programming interface AWT
all rights application proxy AX
Allaire Spectra application security Axapta
allClear application server aXe
allergic to wireless application server computing AXI
alliances application service provider Axiant
Allo application services Axient
allocate application sharing AXP
allocation unit application software AYT
allotrope application software platform AZERTY
alloy application stack AZERTY keyboard
ALM application store azimuth
ALOHA application streaming Azure
Alpha application suite Azure Services Platform
alpha blending application viewing AZW
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