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A theoretical network that would allow cloud providers to leverage resources from other cloud providers. Just as the Internet is the interconnection of millions of servers, the intercloud would enable datacenters to communicate with other datacenters when required. For decades, telephone companies have operated as an intercloud, interfacing with other telecom networks in territories where they have no presence. See datacenter in a box.

datacenter in a box

A complete server operation in a single product. A datacenter in a box provides a "platform as a service" (PaaS) rolled up into one package. It includes all necessary CPU, storage, networking and system software (OS, databases, etc.) fully installed and ready to go. In nearly all cases, a datacenter in a box offers a virtualized server environment, which enables workloads to be added, duplicated and deleted in real time. See virtualization and PaaS.

Cloud in a Box
A "cloud in a box" is a datacenter in a box that lets users or customers interact with cloud computing resources (see cloud computing). See datacenter container, intercloud and in a box.

A Cloud in a Box
VCE's Vblocks offer virtualized servers with optional cloud computing management. VCE touts Vblocks as "converged infrastructure" products, integrating components from Cisco, EMC and VMware. (Image courtesy of VCE,

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