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We Respect Your Privacy

All the information The Computer Language Company collects from a customer (what you enter on any of our forms) is used strictly to process your order on a secure server or activate an on-line subscription. No information is sold or divulged to a third party except for the credit card number and amount, which is transmitted to the credit card company in order to obtain authorization and payment for the sale.

We Do Not Track Your Habits or Use Third-Party Cookies

A cookie is a small file placed in your machine by a Web server, which is sent back to that Web server for various reasons when requested. We use a "first-party" cookie, which means it was created by our Web site. The default setting in your browser accepts first-party cookies that do not contain identifiable information because they are considered safe and a necessary part of the Web surfing experience. A "third-party" cookie is one that comes from a site other than the one you are visiting; for example, from a third-party advertiser on that site. We do not use third-party cookies.

If you sign up for an on-line subscription to our Windows application, when you run the program, a cookie is placed in your machine to keep track of the session while you are on-line. The only information placed in the cookie is a temporary session ID. There is no license number, registration key or name in the cookie, and the cookie is destroyed when you exit the program. The cookie is absolutely not used in any manner whatsoever to obtain additional information, such as the types of applications you have in your computer or your Web surfing habits, neither for us nor for any third party.

Upgrades and Promotions

If we have an upgrade or special offer that pertains to the product you purchased, we may send you an e-mail announcing the availability of that offer. We do not sell customer or prospect names and addresses to any third party, and under no circumstances, will you receive offers from any third party that were initiated by us.